Below is a list of classes held at MBG. All are fun, effective and INCLUDED in your membership. Have fun getting fit!

This class is set to challenge your body's balance. It's a great class and fun too!  You'll be handstanding like a pro in no time!

For all fitness levels.  Perfect for anyone with non-medical balance issues!
High Intensity Interval Training...as the name suggests, BodyShock will make you carry on burning calories after the class for approximately 8 hours! 

Although all fitness levels are invited, be prepared for a hard class!!
Boot-Camp changes with each Instructor.

John P switches it up on a Monday night with mostly Bodyweight Exercises. Sound Easy? Don't be fooled!

Ryan B, on Tues/Friday morning wakes you up with a true group training experience in that you're all doing the same exercises together! 

Ryan N on Sunday morning teaches Strongman Bootcamp: Olympic lifts, Prowler Pushes & Functional Fitness fun that packs on muscle!

For all fitness levels, but caution is advised to beginners. Take it easy first time around or you'll ache like never before!
Yin Yoga challenges the mind and body with longer held poses than the traditional. Promises to increase your strength over time.

Beginners to advanced are encouraged as it challenges all. 
Kettlebell's have long been a tool used by Olympian's and Powerlifters alike  to help improve their grip and endurance. 
This class is structured so that progression is ensured. 

All fitness levels are welcome for the Beginners class. It's the warm-up for the Advanced class, where a higher fitness level is expected. 
First rule of Fight Club: Tell everyone about Fight Club! 

Grapple your way around the gym floor. Learn some neat tricks that might stop your partner tickling you into submission. 

All fitness levels are invited to join in! As in all combat, be aware that bruising can occur. 
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