To keep all our staff, members and guests safe and healthy, we clean the gym, equipment and all surfaces using the recommended chemical cleaners for non-medical settings, throughout the day Additionally, we undertake a deep clean every evening. 

Our team have undertaken extensive training while we have been closed and are ready to clean at regular intervals throughout the day. This will include between group sessions, which may impact the number of classes held.

We also have increased the number of hygiene stations throughout the club, with extra wipes throughout. Please use these to wipe down equipment before and after your sets and keep your hands clean. If you cannot find these or they have run out, speak to a member of staff for assistance.


Our equipment has been spaced out in several ways in order to make social distancing simple and easy for you. We ask that you maintain a 2m distance between each other where possible or 1m+ with extra measures.

You may see markings on the floor to show you the space one person can use and in larger areas and notice some equipment may have moved. If you are not sure where a machine has gone, ask a member of staff. Where moving equipment was not possible, some machines may be out of order temporarily.

Throughout the gym there will be signs and posters to assist you with social distancing and staff will be around to help everyone keep to these guidelines and as always, answer any of your questions.

Changing room facilities have been dramatically reduced. We strongly advise you to arrive in your workout gear and leave to change and shower at home. Less lockers are available and are now all padlock operated. 


Our ventilation and air conditioning equipment has gone through thorough cleaning and regular checks will be performed to ensure this high standard of cleanliness is adhered to.

Air will not be recirculated through the gym. Fresh air will be provided to the target ventilation rate of 20l/s/p advised for indoor gym facilities.


Current government restrictions require that we limit capacity of the gym to 1 person per 100sq.ft. This would allow is to have a total of 41 people in the gym (both indoor and outdoor) at any one time. After mapping out the gym we have decided that this restriction isn’t sufficient to ensure the safety of our members, staff and guests. So, we have reduced the number further to 30 what we believe is a comfortable level for our users. Using our booking system we have staggered the entry time of members to 15 people per time slot, this allows us to avoid lengthy queues and means a further reduction in the number of people on the premises so that it will be a very rare occasion, if ever at all, that we hit the maximum capacity of 30. Utilising our Members App, Fitsense  you can book a visit to the gym up to 14 days in advance.