Every member can optionally access our new app, which, in association with MyPTHub- is a premium nutrition and exercise tracking app that has the following features:
  • Integrates with FitBit
  • Places any Exercise & Nutritional prescription by one of our trainers directly on your phone- decreasing lost communication time and increasing productivity.
  • Create your own program, chart your own progress! 
  • Measurement, skin-fold and photo update features to give you a much clearer picture (pun intended) of where you are and what you've achieved.
  • Instructional videos and teaching points for many of the exercises.
  • Calculates your macro's for you. Essential for safe and effective weight loss/weight gain.  
  • Provides you with a shopping list.
  • Messaging feature (among other users)
  • Can buy training sessions through the app that can be used with ANY of our trainers
So, ensure you provide us with a working email address for you to receive the download link from the appropriate App Store for your phone. 
**Do not install MyPTHub direct from either store- you won't get any of the premium features**
We also have a Members Area from which you can book classes. Also, you can amend your personal and contact details here along with seeing your account and membership details. To make changes to your membership please contact the gym directly.
You will need to sign up the first time you click on the link below. To book classes after that, click on the link again and it will take you to the Classes Portal.