All the trainers that work under the MBG umbrella are professional and excellent at bringing you closer to your training focus goal, safely and effectively. 
They see your potential in every movement and care deeply about what they do every day. 


Head Trainer, Director & Founder of MBG


Ryan has been a successful Personal Trainer for nearly 15 years, training a number of different populations including Older Adults, Ante & Post Natal clients, those coping with Diabetes, Obesity, HIV and other conditions.

His positive outlook and inimitable way with people, putting them at ease in what can be a daunting place, has made him a popular choice in whichever gym he’s frequented. Now that he has his own gym, his knowledge, positivity and attention to detail are evident as soon as you walk in. 

He is fully insured and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) to Level 3.

No.: R0037172

​For further information or to book an appointment, please call 07970 641478 or enquire at Muscle Bull Gym & Wellness Centre Reception.


Personal Trainer


"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."​

​With experience in the fitness industry for over 15 years, Sergio has always been inspired to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys seeing people succeed and achieve their goals through hard work and determination and this in part inspired him to wish to share his experience and knowledge of Health & Fitness with others. Whether you aim for weight loss, muscle gain, improving your health, strength &/or conditioning, Sergio will help you get there.

Other skills: 

  • Bodybuilding & Functional Training
  • Muscle Gain & Weight loss
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Nutrition Guidelines for a healthier lifestyle

For further information or to book an appointment, please contact Sergio on 07976640810 or drop me an email at sergiosardopt@gmail.com.


Personal Trainer


Max ‘100%’ Cotton has been involved in training martial arts since the age of 19 and began fighting at age 23.

Now at 28, Max is MBG’s resident MMA Personal Trainer.

After qualifying in his Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification, he developed the 100% MMA Build & Burn sessions. Originally intended for fighters, he now uses this approach with his personal training clients.

Max’s specialities include mixed martial arts (MMA) training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing, MMA/Thai boxing, pad-work, fat- loss, advanced lifting techniques, strength training & body transformation.

Contact Max on 07717790894 or max@100percentmma.com


Personal Trainer


After a career in professional sports, Ryan has since gained vast experience in personal training in Sydney, Los Angeles and London over the past 10 years, training clients of all abilities, demographics and walks of life.
Ryan is committed to empowering individuals to lead a healthier, fitter and fulfilling life. Time and again people want change, but are often unaware of the effort, hard work and sacrifices it takes to achieve their goals. However, Ryan believes that his role in your journey towards optimum health is to teach you the skills that form the building blocks for change.

  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Fat loss and body aesthetics.
  • Sports specific training. 
  • Personalised nutrition.
  • Periodised training programmes.
All programmes are tailored to the individual needs based upon strength and conditioning protocols and nutritional science to ensure the prescribed exercise and nutrition regime is safe and optimal to their specific goals.

There will be no fad diets, detoxes, fancy workout routines or unsustainable lifestyles. Ryan's ultimate goal is to educate his clients in order to improve their knowledge and practices that will allow them to continually progress long after their coaching has ended, whilst living a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Ryan can be contacted on 07503735432 or via email: nordicnoblefitness@gmail.com


Personal Trainer


Kerry is a personal trainer dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. Kerry offers bespoke fitness and wellbeing solutions and specialises in the following:

  • Circuit Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • High Intensity Interval Training 
  • Suspension Training  
  • Core Strength and Muscle Building    
  • Weight Management       
  • Diet and Nutrition Advice
  • FITBOX Padwork         

  • L2 Gym Instructor and L3 PT
  • REPs Registered Fitness Professional
  • Qualified Life Coach
Check Kerry's site for further information - www.kerrydejong.com
IG: kdejongpt


Personal Trainer


John has over 20 years' experience in strength training, developing a range of sporting interests along the way encompassing running, climbing, wrestling, yoga, Olympic weightlifting and kettlebell training.
John's ethos as a personal trainer is that living a healthy, active lifestyle should be fun, rewarding and sustainable. John can help you get off to a great start if you’re a total beginner, or if you’re already training regularly, John can teach you the advanced skills that will get you further still.
John knows that it isn’t always easy to make positive changes stick, which is why he also offers a 1-to-1 lifestyle coaching service to support you on your journey.
See his website for more information, and get in touch to discuss how he can help you reach your fitness goals.




Personal Trainer & Front of House


Jack is energetic, full of life and always smiling! 
However, through the smiles, he poses the question:
Do you want to be a fighter or just want to train like one?
Whichever your choice, he'll diligently assist you in reaching your goal of ultimate fitness. 


With over 10 years of training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Jack has amassed a wealth of experience and specialises in:

  • MMA Defense Techniques 
  • MMA Striking
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • Body Flow- Animal Based Movements
For further details, Jack can be reached on 07983 874595 or jcollins909@hotmail.co.uk or ask at Reception- he's normally in the house!

Max Corfield Moore

Personal Trainer


Max is  passionate about coaching people in how to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals. Having had a career running a nationwide company he understands the difficulties faced in juggling work with exercise and healthy nutrition.

I can help you lose weight, gain muscle or try new styles of training to mix up your routine and get a bit more enjoyment out of your workouts, whilst getting the results you want!

Max  like's to understand and advise on the overall fitness approach of his  clients so they get value way beyond the time they spend together in the gym. Max knows loads of cool apps to use and workouts you can do to help build you an exercise routine that will last.

  • Functional and HIIT training
  • Boxing and Self Defence skills
  • Muscle building/conditioning
  • Body fat loss
  • Nutritional advice
For further details, Max  can be reached on 07970223390 or via email maxcorfield1@gmail.com 

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