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Personal trainer, competitive rugby player and former member of the Australian bobsleigh team. I’m passionate about utilizing my vast knowledge and experience in ensuring my clients see results.

Should your goal be weight loss, muscle gain, increases in strength and fitness or athletic and sports development, I can tailor your session(s) to achieve this goal. After our initial consultation, in which we establish your goals I will tailor a program and the framework on how we will guarantee this goal is achieved.

Working out of strength & functional training gym near London Bridge, a facility I’ve chosen to make sure my clients are able to train to the best of their ability!

Your session is an hour long and tailored towards your specific goals (discussed in our consultation session). Nutritional advice, guidance for further at home training to be carried out between sessions and access to the facility.

I am happy to work 1-on-1 or group sessions at your request. Sessions are offered in individual, 5 or 10 sessions. Should you be looking for something beyond this please feel free to email